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Dr.Syed Sehrish Asgar, IAS
Deputy Commissioner/
District Magistrate/
District Dev. Commissioner

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Budgam district came into existence in 1979, prior to which it was part of Srinagar district. District Budgam borders four other Districts - Baramullah and Srinagar in North, Pulwama in South and Poonch border in South West.

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In the olden days, Budgam was a part of district Baramulla, when Srinagar itself was a constituent of the Anantnag district. It was then known as Tehsil Sri Pratap. Historical record suggests that Budgam was also referred to as Pargana Deesu. According to a well-known chronicler (Khawaja Azam Demari) - the area was also known as Deedmarbagh.


District Budgam offers many stunning locales and has tremendous tourism potential that has largely remained untapped so far. The attractive places that can be visited are Doodpather, Yousmarg, Tosmaidan, Nilnag and Khag.


Kani shawl adomed the Caesar's Court and was looked upon by Mughals and later by Nawabs as mark of nobility. In 1776 Napoleon presented a Kani shawl to his wife Josephine and with that took off a new fashion trend in Europe.


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